Talesma offers design distinction and high-quality products for the global hospitality and retail industries. With years of experience, our dedicated team provides tailored solutions and has the expertise to seamlessly execute any project whether it is outfitting hotel guestrooms, spas, pools, retail shelves, or multi-unit residences. We believe that businesses can differentiate themselves through excellence, and our superior quality textiles embody a magnificence that make a lasting impression.

Woven expertly from the finest pure Turkish cotton, we customize our products for your needs, to give your customers an exceptional soft and absorbent product with your signature.

We are dedicated to offering unparalleled customer service and innovative solutions.

Custom Embroideries

Blending excellence in quality with your trademark, we offer custom embroidery on your choice of our products. Drawing on our Company’s unique artistic heritage which we weave into each of our products, we allow your business to make a mark with a fresh design that not only displays, but accentuates your brand. With our unmatched combination of design, quality and value, we will help complete the experience you offer your customers.


Custom Merchandising
At Talesma, we know that the success of a business often lies in its dedication and ability to understand the needs of its customers. We strive to help your business meet those needs through our custom merchandising solutions, drawing out the luxury texture and absorbency of our products and harmonizing these with an enticing presentation that will satisfy the senses. We provide our customers with shop-ready merchandising that maximizes our product’s potential. We ensure that your strength is not only high-quality products, but also a visual charm which is a true reflection of your business.


Custom Packaging
We not only have a passion for high-quality textiles, but for matching their quality with the right packaging. With our custom packaging solutions, we provide innovative solutions for the needs of our customers. We will partner with you to develop the best solution for your project, tailoring products and delivery options to meet your requirements.





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